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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Comme un frère (French) [Like a Brother]

Most of the French gay films that I have seen so far have actually been pretty decent buy this one was confusing and had a very very abrupt ending. It actually takes a while for the viewer to realize that the film is going parallel in 2 time zones: the character's present and past.

Young Sebastien aka Zack is with his boyfriend remembering his birthday a year ago when he moved to Paris. The film goes in flashback(s) when Sebastien lived in the small coastal town where he doted on his best friend Romain. Despite Romain's devotion and physical closeness to Sébastien, Romain is in love with Sophie. Sébastien loves Romain and while the two have some beautifully tender moments together, Romain is not the gay boy Sébastien needs. He then leaves college and moves to Paris with his father who is fully supportive of his son being gay. Sebastien changes his name to Zack begins to visit clubs and eventually is absorbed into the gay life, yet he still dreams of Romain. After months pass and Zack is in a comfortable relationship, Romain comes to Paris and the two now young men meet in a park. Where does this union lead to is completely left to viewers imagination.

Like I mentioned before, the movie flips between past and present without much concern for our keeping up with the story. In fact, the jumping around is a reflection of the boy's state of mind. But it doesn't work for me. I would rather just watch a simple film with beautiful emotions. Romain was pretty good looking and did his part well. It was a little confusing as to why he wanted to be really close to Zack (to the extent of kissing him).

Just an alright film. Doesn't work for me. (2/10)

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