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Monday, March 1, 2010

The Long Day Closes (UK)

This was a very very odd film. Set in 1950's, The film just goes through the life of a young teenage boy names Bud. He lives with his extended family in UK who run some o kind of restaurant etc. He is all alone and the movie just depicts his loneliness.

Bud is a lonely and quiet child whose moments of solace occur when he sits in rapture at the local cinema, watching towering and iconic figures on the movie screen. The movies give Bud the strength to get through another day as he deals with his oppressive school environment and his burgeoning homosexuality. His world is influenced by his mother, sister and brother. The film just walks us through glimpses of his childhood (which could be autobiographical).

These kind of movies most of the times dont make sense to me. I think this is director's over indulgence with himself that draws him to make these kind of movies. I mean the movie just goes nowhere. It is a series of mood scenes, perhaps remarkable as such, but I want more from a film. I look for story and movement and a fulfillment of arrival, none of which did I find in this film.

You can avoid this film if you are like me. (1/10)

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