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Monday, March 1, 2010

2 x 4

This was a very confusing film. I am not too sure what was the whole intent behind the film. The main character Johnny is an Irish immigrant who now lives in NY. The film goes through his life and tribulations that he goes through in NYC.

Johnny works in the construction business for an Uncle who tends to be the catalyst for a majority of the problems. Johnnie has slight sexuality issues which, in drunken states, he sometimes has delved into being with men as well as women. He has a girlfriend who sometimes takes care of her. He has constant nightmares that reveal something happened when he was a child but they're never quite clear enough to the audience or to Johnny for him to understand them. When the guys in construction dont get any money , they ask Johnny to go after his uncle but even he spends money on weird things. Christian, a young hustler, comes along and shows Johnnie some much needed compassion and care and teaches him what love is about. Johnny is getting deep into drugs, alcohol and struggle to find himself. Johnny eventually realizes what all those bad dreams are about, even though we don't. We don't because, like much of this film, the scene in which Johnny's nightmare is revealed is confusing and extremely vague, leaving the viewer to figure out most of the implications on their own.

This film was a llittle odd in the sense that lot of things in the film were left unexplained. Story just moved without having a clear motivation as to where it should be heading. The main actors were strictly ok. And the title has to do with construction work which totally doesn't make any sense.

Strictly ok. I have seen much worse. (2.5/10)

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