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Thursday, February 11, 2010

When I'm Sixty-Four (UK)

When I read the title and saw the cover, I wasn't sure if I wanted to watch this film as my first choice, but I am glad I did. This is definitely a very different film about male bonding specially around the age of 60's which make sit very different. You can fel for characters and realize and feel what they are going through.

London taxi driver Ray is in his middle sixties and a widower. He has two grown-up children and grandchildren but grieves deeply still for his wife. One day, he is called out to a private school to collect newly-retired bachelor school master Jim who has spent his entire life in that school first as a student and then as a teacher. He now plans to travel the world. Coincidences keep Jim and Ray bumping into each other. Jim's plans for travel are upset when his elderly father falls ill. With Ray offering support for Jim their friendship grows. The two men spend more and more time together and there is a natural bond that develops between them both physical and emotional. which is clearly not liked by Ray's children. They talk to him and Ray swears to not meet Jim again. Both men understand why they have to do what they have to do. Jim now wants to go ahead with his plans for world travel and comes to say one final goodbye to Ray. This is when Ray realizes that its high time he starts living for himself and volunteers to go with Jim on his world tour.

The relationship and the story develop so very well, so comfortably, so believably, so tastefully. The acting here is superb and the screenplay solid. In one the scenes when the two men come to terms with homosexual longings they have suppressed for decades the viewer is on the edge of his or her seat willing them to succeed. By the time they reach the bedroom their tender clumsiness together has been so well established that no graphic details are necessary; we know they'll muddle through somehow. Supporting characters are realistic, consistent and help move the solid plot along. Motivations are shown, difficulties are encountered, decisions are made.

Definitely worth a watch. Who knows who might be in a similar situation some day. (6.5/10)

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