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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Mr. Right (UK)

The primary concept of this movie is that a woman introduces her boyfriend to her gay friends and that makes him gay--is just sketched at. Essentially, we're observing her friends and their friends and their various respective lovers as they interact. It goes through 6 different people, their lives and interactions.

Harry hates being a TV producer and dreams of leaving his job to travel the world. He loves Alex, an aspiring actor who is struggling to create an identity for himself as a performer. Alex lives with Harry who takes care of him. He is yet to find out that he sucks at acting but he is a very very good cook. Rugby player William's nine-year-old daughter is intent on sabotaging his relationships with new boyfriends. She thinks when a new man enters her dad's life, her importance will reduce. This prevents William to let Lawrence get into his life. Lawrence is a famous TV soap star whom Alex hates. Harry and William are friends. Their 3rd friend is Tom, a not so good looking but a very very successful artist. He keeps Lars who is very handsome who is in the relationship just because of money. Tom is so pathetic that he will excuse his every betrayal so long as Lars doesn't leave him. This despite when Lars tries to make an attempt on Harry too. This brings Harry and Alex to revaluate their relationship. When Alex moves out, he realizes that being a cook gives him more satisfaction. He and Harry get close once again but now Alex feels grown up and wants to be by himself and not someone else take care of him. Harry realizes that it is now time for him to travel the world. On the other hand, by continuous trials, William is successfully able to get a balance with Lawrence and his daughter, Lars leaves Tom who now keeps a new man.

Sometime British films specially gay can be as trash as American films. The only difference being that at least the men are good looking. Again the film looked more episodic and TV serial type. Some of the scenes with Alex and his family were the fun parts of the film. Alex's character after a point got very annoying because of his constant talking.

Just an alright film. Have seen worse. (4.5/10)

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Anonymous said...

When opening this film made me think the story should have been told from the girls point of view how she knows all of her gay friends and so on. But it does not its told like a normal movie. Which makes it a little odd. After the start you learn about the characters there seems to be a good story line running moving towards a big conflict however at that rise of the conflict I never really felt anything got solved. What happened to the sketch?, Did the actor become an actor? Overall it was an okay story but not one I feel I need to own. Thank you LOGO channel for letting me watch it without having to buy it.