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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Les Petis Fils (French) [The Grand Sons]

Another big disappointment. SO far I have been decently impressed by the French gay cinema but this one was very odd. Firstly it seemed like someone took a home camera and started filming some random story with some amateurish artists. It was another one of those films where I realize that there is so much trash gay cinema out there.

This is the story of Guillaume, 24 years old, who studies to be an opera singer. He tries to free himself from the love of two women: his mother, who just died, and his grandmother, who brought him up. The relationship between Guillaume and his granny is often stormy. Especially since Régine, the grand-mother, keeps on the balcony of her Parisian apartment an urn containing Guillaume's mother ashes, which goes against the dead woman's last wishes, who wanted them to be scattered in Scotland. A few other 'satellites' evolve around these two eccentric characters: Ben, a little boy who stays at Régine's from time to time, and who's fascinated by the mysterious urn, Maxime, the young guy who come to clean up Régine's apartment, and Serge, who's in love with Guillaume, but who doesn't seem to be able to express it.

I have already mentioned about some of the negatives that I personally felt about the film and I couldn't deal with. Acting was poor, direction was bad and there was nothing n the movie that was interesting. 2 bad movies in a day. What days have come. ONly if this film was even half as interesting as the poster.

Stay away. Don't be fooled by some of the reviews on imdb. (1/10)

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