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Saturday, February 13, 2010

I Like You... I Like You Very Much (Japanese)

I think this is one of the first Japanese gay films that I saw and boy what a disappointment. This film was more of a soft porn rather than trying to either depict gay life in Japan or show a story or something.

Yu has a good thing going with his boyfriend, college student, Shin. One evening, while waiting for the train, Yu spots Taka, a hunky young man in tight jeans. Gathering his courage, Yu approaches his new found attraction and whispers " I Like You, I Like You Very Much". This casual meeting sets off a series of events that allow each character to explore their changing sexuality.

The film is laced with lot of sex scenes and personally none of them got my attention. They were done in a very weird way (neither aesthetic nor sexy). It was very difficult to watch through the whole movie despite the fact that movie was barely an hour long.

Save yourself some time and please dont watch this. (0/10)

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