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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

A Four Letter Word

This is one of those wannabe films where producer/director wants to fit in everything. Gay romance, cliches, nudity, issues, love, relationship, marriage, stereotypes everything. There is something for everyone. The end product can vary for different films. In this case the film turns out to be ok. It keeps your attention and interest but thats it. It doesn't manage to hold it. But at the same time it doesn't bore you either.

The story is about 6 people with primary focus on Luke. Zeke and Luke work in a sex shop: Zeke takes gay liberation seriously, Luke likes to sparkle and takes nothing seriously. he is out there every night mating a new man. Peter and Derek are a couple who move in together after 10 months. Peter's compulsive neat freak nature and Derek's nice to everyone issue tests their relationship. Newly-engaged Marilyn, a recovering alcoholic stuck at step 2, can't stop obsessing about wedding details. She works with Peter at a restaurant. Lastly enter Stephen who first rejects Luke in a bar because he is everything that a gay cliche is but later gets into him. Luke and Stephen start going out but keep relationship open. Through Zeke's help it is found that Stephen actually works as a prostitute and has been lying all along. Luke is hurt, he talks to Stephen but gets sweet talked into again. But time and again he feels that Stephen lies to him about everything. As much as Luke is now getting attracted to Stephen, he can't get through the lying part. He finally breaks up with him and also makes Marilyn realize that love is important and she should enjoy being engaged rather than get fussy about it. Zeke's and Luke's friendship bonds gets closer because of all that happens with Luke.

Acting wise everyone was good actually. Luke did portray a gay cliche (stereotype to the T). Zeke's character though not long was interesting. All of Marilyn's portions were weird and strange. She was shown so lonely. Stephen supposed to be very handsome and to die for was alright. He acted ok but his expressions remained same throughout. eke doing naked yoga was just for titillation. It had nothing to do with the film.

Overall decent film. Would keep you entertained. Don't have too many expectations. (6/10)

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Anonymous said...

If I had to pick a four letter word for this movie it would be "GOOD" I really enjoyed watching this movie. I think it had great parts all around. I could see lots of people I know playing some of the characters in the movie. I was however unsure what the whole relationship / marriage thing was with the girl?! It felt unneed for the movie but still it made me laugh. I might just need to put this one down on my Christmas wish list so that I can see it again.