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Monday, February 15, 2010

Both Ways

I didn't realize until very late that this 1975 film was actually a pornographic film. A film that mixed both gay and straight sex. It might sound exciting but it wasn't for me. Not one bit of it aroused me at all.

Donald is a married man who picks up a young man Hank in a gay bar. The wife becomes suspicious after she sees his jacket in her husband's car. What started as a casual fling between the two men start getting serious and this is where things turn a bad note. Donald is struggling to lead both his lives. Meanwhile their housekeeper Pauline who likes to interrupt in everything tries to find out what's going on and maybe help her master but in turn nly ends up creating more trouble. Well Thats that with the story. The one-and-a-half hour film is loaded with sex scenes. Full on. Man-man, man-woman and even 2 couples straight orgy. It was so weird to watch this film because I thought I was in for watching a feature film and it ends up being a pornographic film.

Avoid. This is just porn (0/10)

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