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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Be Mine

A nice cute film but a little unbelievable. But then who says all gay films have to slice of life stories. When otherwise w can have escapist cinema, we can also have some make belief romantic gay cinema as well.

Mayson (very cute) has been patiently waiting and dreaming of that ever elusive sweet and perfect first kiss. His best friend Robyn thinks it's about time he kissed a boy. he loves chocolate scones in the coffee shop. His love for that brings him to an unexpected encounter with Riley who takes the last remaining scone in the shop. Mayson has instant crush on Riley but is very shy to even trying to talk to him. The same night Mayson's close buddy Eric is having a Valentine's Day party at his house because his buddy broke up with his girlfriend. In the party it turns out that Riley is that friend. One event leads to other and Riley and Mayson start getting to know each other at the party. Mayson being a die hard romantic does not believe in flings and Riley is struggling with his sexuality. The next day they both ask each other out on a date and with Robyn's help , a very sweet and adorable love story begins. Thrown in the mix are 2 other characters, an awkward girl who invites herself to the party but ultimately becomes part of the group and Eric's other friend who initially got liking for Mayson. The whole story is been told in flashback when all the friends are preparing for the reception for Riley and Mayson after they go married. Cho Chweet !

Mayson was very cute. It was interesting to see someone having such a great idea of being a romantic but really ow many people do we know out there like that. The fact about Riley's background and he was straight and now suddenly interested in Mayson was a little unbelievable but then sometimes we should not put our thinking caps on. I liked that the film had not much drama. ALl it wanted to show is how the romantic couple met and fell in love and their love story ended up in their wedding.

A sweet and engaging story of budding first love that finds a path even in the face of undying shyness. (6/10)

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