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Thursday, January 14, 2010


Once in a while comes an innocent sweet and tender love story that makes your stomach churn but in a good way. You want to get lost in that innocence and wish something you were the character feeling those emotions. Very very few films made me feel that way and this one definitely comes high up in that region. This is a strongly recommended film.

Danny, a gifted young artist is having his first art exhibition. He is looking at his paintings and is remembered of his high school days and his first love Carter. Carter's father and Danny's mother met at a AA meeting. When Carter's father has to go out of town for few days, he asks if Carter can stay at Danny's house. Carter finds some naked men's pictures in Danny's room but is totally cool with it. The boys somehow have an instant connection in terms of friendship. They have the most amazing weekend ever as they were long lost friends. Danny likes to paint and wants to paint Carter. He is totally in awe of him and Carter fools around with Danny very well understanding that he is having an affect on Danny. Things progress and they kiss each other. danny professes his love to Carter but he doesn't think anything of it. When school starts Carter asks Danny to not meet him in school because he doesn't want other students to give him a hard time. Carter is actually a little fucked u kid because of his family situation and is into drugs and everything. Swimming is the only thing that he is absolutely passionate about. They both keep meeting outside school and their love grows. One day school kids end up beating Danny for him being gay. Carter gets angry but cant do anything about it. This is when Danny coms out to his mother and tells her everything. Meanwhile Carter participates in a swimming competition and comes second. This and other things lead to a stroke and he is hospitalized. Ashamed and tired of his life, he ends up committing suicide. Present day, Danny's new boyfriend is tied of always having Carter's ghost presence in their relationship. He wants to save their relationship by doing everything he can to not have Carter between them because people need to move on.

There were so many good things about the movie. Acting as Danny was simply superb. He can get five stars for acting. In fact every single person was very very good. The whole sequence of events where slowly Danny is falling in love with Carter have been handled with emotion, sensitivity and interest at the same time. You can feel exactly what Danny is going through. On the other hand you can also feel Carter's frustration with everything thats going with him. The scene when Danny comes out to his mom is so refreshing. I wish more parents would react in such a positive and supporting way. I liked that Danny was never ashamed of who he was. The scene when Carter visits Danny after he is beaten just makes you cry. All Danny wants Crater is to hold him. So many other scenes and a few after Carter's death just touch to to the core.

Please watch this movie for the sake of love and Danny's acting. I know I want to watch it again with my bf. I bet you would not be disappointed. (9/10)


Gandhi said...

i'm wondering why you get so few comments. i LOVE your blog.
thank you so much!
i think i'm as addicted as you are to gay movies :)
watching a lot. and some because of your reviews.

but it's still hard to find some of the movies. where do you get all of them :D??
i particularly want to see this one, if you have any tips...

so, please continue with your good work. it's nice to see that there are other ppl who enjoy watching LOADS of gay movies, hahaha.

oh, i think u might have seen them already, but my suggestions would be:
- bent
- bangkok love story
- shelter
- mysterious skin


Golu said...

I am really glad that someone finally made a decent comment. Otherwise I was getting tired of anonymous fake advertisements.
Yes I am really really addicted to watching gay films. There are various ways of finding these movies. You just need to hone your internet skills.

I have seen all the suggestions u made except Mysterious Skin. Will try and get my handle on it.

Thanks buddy

Anonymous said...

I watched this movie earlier today and I really loved it!!

Gandhi said...

hi there...
yeah, internet skills, hahaha.
been trying to find this one here, but no luck so far...

any help would be appreciated ( at


have you seen mysterious skin yet? i bet you like it.

oh, and one suggestion:
why don't you tag your posts with your rating, also?
that way you could list the movies by your ratings on the side menue, too. it would be perfect to just see all your favs at one glance ^^


Golu said...

Thanks for suggestion Gandalf.

João da Silva, I am glad u liked the film. This is really good

Queer-Cinema said...

We also loved WATERCOLORS. It is currently No. 2 in our Top 20. Maybe you'd like to check out the entire list?

Golu said...

Thanks man. I am going to check your website now

David Oliveras said...

Thanks so much for your thoughtful review. :)

Golu said...

Thanks. Coming from you makes it special

mp said...

Thanks VM for constructing this site! I love your reviews!

Golu said...

I appreciate. Thanks