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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Sitcom (French)

A bizarre, fucked up movie is what I have to say about this film. The film started well but after the whole episode of incest and rat and everything, the film just went complete downhill. I would probably not recommend this film to anyone.

The story is about Jean and his wife with a son Nicholas and daughter Sophie. Two new members in the house, maid Maria and a pet rat brings in series of troubles for the family. One night maid maria is invited by the family for dinner. She arrives with her African husband Abdu. Nicholas has been playing with the rat. After which when he is at dinner, he suddenly declares that he is gay and goes back to the room. Abdu offers to help but we all knew what is going to happen. Soon Nicholas's room is home to a parade of strangers doing who-knows-what. The mother can't understand what's going on. Same night Sophie has an encounter with the rat following which, she jumps out of the window and ends up becoming a bitchy paraplegic. Her boyfriend David is still tryng to make her feel better but to no avail. Things go on. WHen the mother finally is loving to the rat, she gets all crazy and beds her son and everyone in the family knows about it. The father is completely indifferent to all this and doesn't care. The mother goes for a weekend therapy session with kids during which they realize that the root of problem is the rat. They ask Jean to kill him. Jean is meanwhile playing with the rat and cooks him and eats it. When the family comes back, Jean is now turned into a giant rat and attacks the family who finally kill him. Everyone feels much better now. Abdu and Nicholas are a couple and David and Sophie are back to having a normal relationship.

Sitcom takes bits and pieces of a typical sitcom and tries to make ridiculous and disturbing film. Elements like stuffy mother, raunchy maid, bored father etc. It is a satire on family but with a very twisted plot and equally bad ending. Acting from the principal cast was ok but just that itself would not make the viewer like the film. There were so many odd things about the film that it is difficult to even mention.

IFrench films are interesting but this one is a bad film. (1.5/10)

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