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Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Out At The Wedding

Its good to sometimes watch movies without any expectations. Having read the previews, I know this movie was strictly a gay themed movie but then at the same time it kind of is. The main protagonist is pretending to be lesbian and has a gay man as her best friend who i always by her side. I think that qualifies it as a film that I can review here.

Southerner Alex has finally found man of hr dreams Dana, who is half black and half Jewish. Her best friend is her gay pal Jonathan who brings laughter to her life. When he unexpectedly proposes to her the day she’s to leave town for her sister’s wedding, life gets complicated. Having assumed her southern family would never accept her ethnic boyfriend, she’s never told them he exists. In turn, she’s led Dana to believe her entire family is dead. Making an excuse to leave town, she takes Jonathan as her date to the wedding and figures once she gets through the weekend, she’ll come clean to everyone. Back in South Carlina, she deals with her distant father, her overly exuberant sister Jeannie and all the relatives and friends of her past who can’t believe she’s still single. Alex's high school sweetheart misunderstands a conversation with Jonathan and spreads the rumor that Alex is gay. With unexpected support from her family and the closeness, she cannot bring herself to tell the truth to everyone. The 2 sisters actually are coming closer. Alex still hasn't told anyone the truth and now Jeannie wants to visit NY to meet her sister's girlfriend Dana. Jonathan comes up with an idea to hire a 'lesbian'. Things start getting funny and complicated when Jeannie and the hired lesbian have instant connection. They keep flirting with each other which annoys Alex further. Relationships are tested and all lies come out. Alex has to deal with the reality now with her family and Dana and his family. And Jeannie has finally figured out that she is gay and needs to break off her marriage.

Out At The Wedding is about relationships. It’s about the thin line between trust and truth and the incredible comic lengths we go to avoid both. But essentially the film is a love story between two sisters, who desperately want to be friends, but only know how to be family. We also have a side story about Jonathan and his gay lover and how Jonathan tries every trick to make his boyfriend loose weight. It is cute. This film definitely was funny and everyone acted pretty well. Of course, the hired lesbian had all the mannerism of a typical lesbian but as film makers, we still haven't come out of showing the stereotypical.

Good time pass. Definitely worth a watch. (6.5/10)

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