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Sunday, January 10, 2010

Merci Docteur Rey (French/English)

It will be wrong to say that this is gay themed film. While it is painted on a backdrop about a gay young man, this is a classic murder comedy in the best European tradition. Although set in Paris, the film is primarily in English with French thrown here and there.

Single mother Elisabeth who is a world famous opera singer is having trouble communicating with her only son 23-year old Thomas. Though Elisabeth is based in US, Thomas prefers t live in Paris. Thomas is struggling with his gender identity and spends his time in the sex personals and phone ads. During one such encounters, he witnesses a murder of an old man. It turns out hat the old man was actually his father who left Elisabeth for another man. Troubled at what just happened, he goes to visit a psychiatrist Dr Rey. He mistakes one of her patients Penelope to be the doctor and tells her everything. Penelope who blames herself for sudden death of Dr. Rey in one of her sessions tells the truth to Thomas and they start sharing a bond with each other. Thomas now wants to trace the killer of his father and Penelope needs to come out of the shadow of dubbing for movies in French. Elisabeth is very surprised when Thomas introduces Penelope to her as his fake girlfriend because she thought Thomas might be gay. Anyway towards the end, the mystery behind the murder is solved, what Elisabeth's involvement in the murder was and how when police coms, Thomas creates a fake story around Dr Rey's death and his father's murder and blame them both on each other.

The film is definitely very funny. Everyone has done a good job specially Penelope as a girl who despises divas and can't help but puke when she sees them. The entire story mentioned above has been done in a funny way. You will alway be smiling and cracking at some of the scenes. My only complain is the motive of killing was not very clear and some of the other interactions of the principal characters with each other.

The film as good but not great. (5.5/10)

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