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Monday, January 4, 2010

Make The Yuletide Gay

Make the Yuletide Gay is a kindhearted and very low impact coming out tale with only the slightest bit of angst getting in the way of the feel good vibe. If only every gay person could have it this easy when it's time to confront the parents with the truth of the matter.

Heading home for Christmas break, college senior Olaf, kisses his boyfriend Nathan goodbye and heads off. But Nathan, abandoned by his rich jet-setting parents at the last minute, decides to follow Gunn home and share Christmas with his family. But what Nathan does not know is that Olaf is not out to his family. In fact, Olaf actually stops at a rest stop to change clothes and hair to 'straighten' himself up for his family. At home Olaf is greeted by her overtly zeal mother who is always giggly and wants Olaf to meet with some nice neighborhood girl and date. She keeps bringing up this topic. His father is a college professor and stoner of 40 years who has so baked his brain that he can hardly remember his name or speak a complete sentence. When Nathan arrives, he is ok to pretend to be straight but as the days go by, he begins to resent to lie. He can't understand why Olaf cannot come out to his parents who are full of life and love. Olaf's reason is that he cannot afford to loose his parents love. Love wins and on Christmas day, Olaf finally comes out to his parents. After a stunned silence, there is big surprise when Olaf's father gives money to his mother saying he lost the bet. Apparently the parents had known for a long long time and were just waiting for Olaf to tell them. Finally everyone gets their love and they can be who they actually are and want to be.

The mother was a little annoying at first with constant giggles but her character kind of grows on you. By the end, I loved her antics and her while personality. She was so full of life. Every family should have such a character. The father was also korky in a weird way. The boys Olaf and Nathan had a decent chemistry and some of the dialogues were so double meaning but when at the end everything comes out, you can't even imagine how embarrassing things could be if it happened with someone in real life.

Its funny and naughty. (5.5/10)


Amy said...

Ohhh I loved this movie. It's very cute in its own way. I felt the same about Gunn's mom in the beginning. However, I loved her later. I appreciate the movie coz it's not one more tragedy or too much of hardship in a relationship. Simply enjoyed the movie without butting brains.

Golu said...

Exactly!! Once in a while you just need a movie which is simple and sweet to enjoy and not think too much about it. As long acting is decent and direction apt, I don't mind it all