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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Lucky Bastard

This is one of the weirder movies I have seen in the recent times. It wont be right to say that the film was bad. It was just odd with a very confusing plot in which the characters were not developed enough to justify their actions in the movie.

Architect and restorer Rusty lives with his boyfriend in a hotel. When his boyfriend leaves town for work for a couple of days, he has a chance encounter with Denny in a convenient store and brings him back to his room. Very soon he realizes that Rusty is positive and crystal meth addict. He keeps pushing Rusty for money so that he can buy drugs. They both keep telling each other how much they like each other (they have been together barely few hours). Ultimately Rusty gives in but we can see that things are not working out between them. After a few physical sessions, their chemistry is fading. Rusty soon realizes that Denny cannot stop his drugs and hustling habits. He asks him to leave. Meanwhile his boyfriend comes back and sees everything. Rusty apologizes for everything saying Denny got him confused and made him realize how much Rusty actually loves his boyfriend and wants to spend his life with him.

This film was actally a waste of time. The only good thing about the film was the 2 good looking men and some steaming scenes between them. Apart from them, it is really hard to sit through the movie. I really did not understand what was the director's intention behind the film (show bad effects of drugs, love of life, HIV or what). The script is shallow and we know nothing is going to work out with a drug addled hustler and a successful architect long term. The emotional core doesn't really work, because we're smarter than the characters are acting.

Don't waste your time. Watch it only if there is nothing better to do. (3/10)


Christian said...

i dont know why my boyfriend bought this piece of crap. we didn't even finish watching it. pass

Golu said...

agree man. It was so so weird and bad. Just bad