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Sunday, January 17, 2010

Latter Days

Ok, so everyone who watches gay films has definitely hard of this movie. In case you are wondering how come I saw this movie so late, I didn't. I just recently watched it the second time so that now I could review it for my blog as well. Plus it gives me a chance to revisit and see if I still like it as much as I did it in my previous time. This one is still good but after this there have been so many better films that probably this one might not feature in my personal top 10 gay films.

Aaron a hunky Morman missionary moves to West Hollywood in LA to spread the word of God. He along with 3 of his other friends moves into an apartment complex where Christian lives. Christian is sex starved gay hunk whom everyone wants. He has the ideal good looking man. Working as a waiter, he bets with his friends that he can have one of the Morman boys in his bed. Christian lays his eyes on Aaron and aaron is more than ready to oblige. When Aaron helps Christian when he gets hurt, he is ready to get Aaron in bed but Aaron makes him realize the importance of love. He also makes Christian feel that maybe he is very shallow. Christian starts some soul searching and slowly himself starts falling for Aaron. One such day, Aaron's colleagues find the 2 men kissing. This is a disgrace moment for Aaron and his family. He is removed from the mission, sent back home and is excommunicated from the church. BUt before he goes back home, Aaron and Christian give into each other completely to understand and feel what pure love is all about. Aaron's parents are very indifferent to him and when Christian tries to call him, they blame him for doing this to their son. After a failed suicide attempt, Aaron flees to LA to search for Christian. He finally gets a to meet his man and it is then a very very emotional re-union.

The 2 men acted very well. They were definitely good looking and at the same time they had that chemistry among them. You could feel Christian's struggle to understand the real himself and falling in love. At the same time, it kills you to se how even in today's time some of the communities treat you for being gay. The woman playing the restaurant's owner was also pretty good.

Definitely worth a watch. Like I said, its not the best but its still very good. (8/10)


Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed this movie and it seems like you did as well. I wished more people would watch something like this (Latter Days, Save Me) with open minds it might change alot of peoples thoughts.

Golu said...

True. Where do you live by the way. It seems you have been really struggling with religion and with being gay