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Thursday, January 21, 2010

King Size (French)

This is a very nice, cute simple film. They have used an unusual theme and without any drama they have tried to portray a lot. Hd this movie been an American film, it would have been a drama. As an audience you have more fun with the film because this is a musical. Every 5 minute is a song and dance sequence but it kind of fits well even if you dont understand the language. Its a cute film.

Vincent and Nicholas are a happy gay couple who have been together for many years. They meet Gabriel, many years their junior and all 3 of them are completely smitten by each other. After their first night together, they realize there is much more to what just happened. The 3 of them fall in love and decide to be a couple of 3. They ask Gabriel to move in with them. All that they now need is a big king size bed to accommodate all three of them. Initially Vincent's sister doesn't approve f it but seeing that Gabriel although young is completely committed to the relationship gives in and accepts him as a part of their weird trio. One of their girlfriends is also very accommodating of the whole situation. The film ends with everyone being one big happy family and the trio of Vincent, Nicholas and Gabriel living together happy.

Of course the concept of a couple of 3 is weird and out of what I would think, but give this film a chance by not judging it for the theme and you will completely enjoy it. This film brings smile to your face because nothing except the songs are OTT. The sining and dancing add to the flavor of the film. Top that with 3 good looking guys, what do we have to complain about.

This one is a true gay musical. (6/10)


wellbeing said...

Could you please tell me where I will be able to find the subtitles

Golu said...

Try this. I am not sure. i saw this film long back