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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fuera de Carta (Spanish) [Chef's Special]

I think I am starting to like SPanish gay films. One thing that is common in most of the Spanish films I have seen is that they have strong message of love and of family too. I like that fact.

The story is about Maxi who is flamboyantly gay and owner of a restaurant. He is in debt because he is overpaying his staff but he knows one thing he cannot do is fire his staff. He dreams of getting a start from some reputed food critic so that his business starts booming. His Maitre-d' Alex is a sex-starved woman who lives with him. His life take s a spin when his ex wife dies leaving him with his 15 year old son and his 6 year old daughter. Maxi completely freaks out. At the same time, there is a an ex-soccer Argentinean player Horacio who moves in their building. ALex has her eyes on him and Maxi tries to set them up. But it turns out that Horacio likes Maxi but he is not out to anyone and because of his position he cannot tell anyone. They start having an affair. Maxi is still not getting alongwith his kids. They all hate each other. Horacio ends up becoming Maxi's son' soccer coach and so Maxi also starts taking some interest in the game but when the son finds out that they are lovers, he is shattered. Maxi then calls his parents and asks them to take care of his kids for sometime. The kids move with their grandparents but mis Maxi. On the other side Maxi becomes grumpy and misses his kids as well. The day finally arrives when the reputed food critic is visiting the restaurant for evaluation but that is the day it is Maxi's son's birthday. He decides to go met his son rather than wait for the critic. This helps open up the father with his kids and tell them how much he loves them. They all come back to Madrid and now all 4 of them live happily like a family.

The film was definitely very very funny. It also had a lot of Spanish humor which I loved. The characters acted very well though I dont know if it was necessary to make Maxi so flamboyant. That was a little too much. The chemistry and the way Maxi treated his staff was also nice and refreshing. Oh and yes Horacio was HOT! So that definitely helped keep the interest in the film :)

o for it for some light entertainment, some good laughs and some mad cap comedy. (7/10)

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