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Sunday, January 31, 2010

Eating Out 3: All You Can Eat

Eating Out 1 was funny and interesting, specially because I watched it at a time when I had not seen many gay films. The second part was a huuuge disappointment. This 3rd in series film is actually decent. It keeps your attention, interest and is also funny in parts.

Tiffany, the ideal fag hag is back. Her friend is now Casey who has just moved to LA. He meets Zack at a LGBT event and instantly takes al iking for him but he is already taken. But Zack breaks up soon. casey finds him online and pretends to be someone else. On Tiffany's insistence he puts up Ryan's profile as his profile. (Ryan is Tiffany's ex and he supposedly does not live in LA anymore). Casey pretending to be hot Ryan flirts with Zack and almost makes him fall in love with him. But enter the real Ryan and the truth comes out. Now Tiffany & Ryan help Casey to win back Zack and in an interesting climax they both declare love for each other.

Story is simple. The movie keeps flowing because of the influx of all hot gay stud men (My nick for chelsea-Queens). Casey is the only lean trim not muscular guy who is in awe of Zack's body. Acting wise everyone is fine. Casey can't act but Tiffany and Ryan are good. Ryan is very hot too . I would doubt if straight man actually has a body and ass like Ryan. lol

Overall a timepass film. No great histrionics. (4.5/10)

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Anonymous said...

How could you say the 2nd one was a huge disappointment?! Ohh well I am supposed to be talking about the 3rd one. It had that short creepy old dude from Will and Grace HAHAHA I love that guy! LOL Anyways I enjoyed this one as well and felt it was much like you said something to pass the time nothing really in the way of acting or storyline but still good for a laugh which is what all the Eating Out series is about! I would not be surprised if a 4th one pops up! The reason they keep going is because people can deal with everything being funny and having a happy ending no one really likes dealing with problems or issues we deal with those enough in real life thats why when I watch movies or listen to music I want it to transport me to place where I can escape if only for a short time. What the heck am I on about!? Watch all three and make your own mind up LOL!