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Monday, January 11, 2010

The Boy With the Sun in His Eyes

Please, if this is what some film makers are going to create in the name of art, then please spare me of the horror. This has to be one of the most really bad films I have ever seen. There is absolutely no story and acting is so shoddy and terrible.

John and Kevin are childhood friends. John is gay and Kevin is bisexual who has a girlfriend by the name Solange, a B-movie actress in low-budget Italian horror films who has never met John. After Kevin's unexpected suicide attempt, John gets to meet Solange. Within minutes of meeting him, Solange offers John a job as a production/personal assistant for "The Untourist Guide," a food/lifestyle magazine/show she is planning to do in Europe. Here starts a weird journey where you get to be a part of some really weird parties and John meeting some hot men in Paris and Italy. This continues non stop for a while, till a time John realizes that there is something wrong with Solange and it is she who is weird. Miraculously, she has a change of heart and she comes and confesses to John that she actually killed Kevin because it was his last wish. He was dying of Aids and did not want to die like a dead meat. He also wanted Solange to help John get out of his desk job which she did. And thats it. The film just abruptly ends as it started.

Although mentioned that film is shot in Paris and Italy, I am pretty sure they did not because every scene was inside a hotel room which I must say were so bad and very low on taste. All French and Italians were so fake that you didn't even feel like laughing at the so obvious 'I will fool the audience' scenes.

A bad bad bad film. (0.5/10)

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