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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Boca A Boca (Spanish) [Mouth To Mouth]

This was an alright film. Its again not right to put this film as a gay film but what the hell, it at least gives me a chance to write about something. A film which has Javier Bardem is worth writing about anyways.

A struggling actor Victor Ventura waiting for his break. In the interim he works at a phone sex line. A man named Bill is his regular client who is closeted doctor and married and Victor pretends to be gay. One night Victor decides to meet one of his female callers named Amanda and has a night of passion. As it turns out Amanda says she is married to Bill but Victor thinks he loves her. She asks him to help set up Bill for their divorce and he agrees. The plan is for Victor to seduce Bill into meeting him privately so that when they are alone, some pictures can be taken and divorce would be easy. When Victor and Bill are alone a hitman tries to kill them and it turns out that Amanda is not married to Bill. Both had been set up. And the persn behind all this is Bill's real wife and his close friend.

The film goes through a lot of funny and comedy scenes but overall does not a deep impression on you. Romance between Amanda and Victor seems completely forced. Acting wise of course Javier Bardem was good but thats it. Plot was interesting but after a while it becomes too predictable. As a viewer you know exactly what's going to happen next.

Its strictly a time pass film. Nothing more. (4/10)

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