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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Trage Liefde (Dutch) [Lazy Love]

Sometimes there are films that have nothing spectacular about it but they still manage to leave some kind of impression on you. This movie specifically was slow, had very little dialogues but somehow just the interaction within the principal characters and the way story unfolded with minimalist drama and stuff immediately caught my attention. And to top that, a very handsome lead actor only makes the proceedings spicier.

Felix lives with is grandmother and work as a waiter/cleaner in a restaurant. His mother died young and he never knew his father. At some point he realized that his parents had a very small (2 month) fling which resulted in his birth. The father Johan , who runs a jazz cafe has absolutely no idea about even the existence of his son. Felix wants something from life, He wants love , longing and wants to identify himself. He starts frequently visiting the cafe but for inexplicable reasons Johan is always mean to him. W find out that Johan used to have a boyfriend who does many years ago and ever since Johan has never had any serious relationship with anyone because he was very much in love with him. He just meets with a hustler for regular sex. He mistakes Felix's frequent visits as sexual interest and at some point he gives in. Felix wants to understand the man better so without saying a word he gives in ad they get physically sexual. Felix immediately throws up afterwards and runs away. Johan realizes Felix is to young and comes to tell him he can't do this. Felix hits him in return. And before going on his year long road trip, he makes one final stop at the cafe ( I think to tell his father) but goes back after he sees him happily playing with the neighbors daughter and sees him actually being capable of being a father himself.

The story unfolds layer by ayer and it is never mentioned in so many words that Felix and Johan are father-son. But as audience you realize it. You may also get disgusted by the thought but from Felix's point of view, he is looking for love from his father. He is not gay but gives in just to be close to his father. He wants to know him better. The director has captured moments from the daily lives of two men who may appear trivial at first glance but who give the characters depth and substance.

A short film of less than an hour but strong enough to leave an impression. (7/10)

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