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Wednesday, December 2, 2009


The movie could have had potential considering the movie was backed by not one but four different Chicago based gay directors. The pretext of a single gay man working for one of those big city services that sends guys out to clean your apartment wearing just their underwear could be used to make helluva funny story but unfortunately thats not the case here.

Moses cleans houses in his underwear for a living. He practices yoga, meditates and has images of Hindu gods and goddeses on his walls. He's a peculiar guy with just one problem - temporal lobe epilepsy. Moses gets seizures where he has religious visions. The first one he gets is that of a sexy guy named David who will be the love of his life. They can't have sex until he's ready - and he's not yet. And this is shown through some weird art form made on walls by sponge. Weird huh!!! The second vision is much more complex. It's from a spirit called Glintentica who is planning her second coming to earth. When Moses meets David the man of his dreams, Glintentica is intent on taking over David's soul, forcing and compelling him to abandon David, and ultimately assuring the entire gay population becomes forever extinct. She does that by first making David flirt and get physical with his girl roommate Ruth. Ruth and David are both confused as to what's happening. With the help of a Priest, Ruth, along with David, search to find the key that will destroy Glintentica forever, and send her back to her origins.

Trust me the film is as weird as mentioned above. None of it made any sense. And by the way, don't go by the cover of dvd. There is no such hot man in the film. Its purely a marketing gimmick.

Complete waste of time. (1/10)

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