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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Simon (Dutch-Netherlands)

Another one of those movies wherein the first few minutes, you are not too sure about what this might turn out to be, but towards the finale leaves with you nothing but pleasant memories. Wonderful acting by principal cast and a beautiful story-line helps this movie capture audience interest for the entire duration.

Simon is a drug dealing, swearing, unemployed guy, who cheats on his girlfriend. Yet, you cannot dislike him! He is charismatic, funny, good at heart and completely original. His friendship with Camiel is somehow weird and odd. Through circumstances they meet and strike a friendship. Simon knows right from the start that Camiel is gay. Simon has a girl and a daughter from his ex-Thai wife and he goes once in a year to meet them in Thailand. Simon has another best friend and his wife who works with him and also now has a full time girlfriend. Simon and Camiel share great chemistry but Sion doesn't leave a chance to make gay jokes on Camiel but thats because it is the way Simon is. Once when mistakenly Camiel ends up having a casual fling with his girlfriend, their friendship turns sour and they part ways. They meet again after 14 years and life continues from here. His grown up daughter and son now live with him. His girl-friend ended up marrying his arch rival. But his other best friend is still with him. To top it all SImon now has brain cancer and there is no cure. Camiel on the other hand is also in a relationship for few years and is on the verge of making it official. When Simon is back in his life, his priorities and energies suddenly get all attentive to his family. Movie takes leaps and bounds here. Since there is no cure for his cancer, SImon decided to go for euthanasia (suicide mercy killing). He wants to do it 3 days after Camiel gets married to his partner. As his last wish , he asks Camiel and his partner to adopt his kids. Finally Simon bids goodbye to his life smiling and joking exactly the way he led his whole life.

It is very refreshing to see such great friendship between a straight and a gay character with any sexual tension between them. They are just friends irrespective of who they are. Simon Interactions between Simon's kids and Camiel, specially his daughter is very refreshing. In fact the chemistry between every single character is very endearing. Even though the movie handles delicate and tough subjects you don't ever have the feeling you're watching a tough and heavy movie.

Must watch. A beautiful, tender, funny and enjoyable experience. (7.5/10)

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