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Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Sometimes intentions behind a movie are sincere but somehow somewhere the soul goes missing. Something similar I think happened to this film. The film could have been a simple love story, but somewhere it wasn't made very evident of what the problems between the couple were, why would they not work it out and what was it that made the 2 guys attracted towards each other.

Set in Redwoods, Everett and Miles have a comfortable, non-passionate 7 year old relationship. Together they are raising Billy, a learning disabled boy, who takes up much of the loving and attention in their home. On one weekend, Miles and Billy go off to visit the grandparents and leave Everett to work in peace because that is what Everett wants to do. He wants some time alone by himself. There isn't even a kiss shared between the two men before the departure. Shortly after they leave, Chase, a wanderer and a writer stops his car at Everett’s house and asks for directions since he is lost. There is an instant connection between the two men. And then while antique store hunting with his Mom, the two men run into each other again and the flirtation is official. Despite Everett's reticence and clumsiness, Chase persists and their love blossoms quickly. Its a small town and soon Everett's mom finds out. His family knows that they their son is not happy but they also tell him that sometimes they need to things work out. Everett gives in and him and Chase have emotional and physical connection. Its time for Miles and Billy to be back and this is when Everett leaves home for a few days because he needs time to think and gather his thoughts. Chase is leaving town. They meet one last time. Few years ahead, we now see that Miles and Everett are together very loving for one another and still taking care of Billy. Chase has dies and his sister comes to visit them with a gift from Chase to Everett.

Both Everett and Chase acted very well. You could connect to their characters at some point but like I mentioned earlier, the inherent soul of the characters they portrayed was missing. I preferred Everett's acting because you could feel he was confused between the new found passion & connection that he feels with Chase and the love and responsibility that he has towards Miles and Billy. It was a sweet cute love story which could very well have been a story of a regular straight couple as well.

Definitely not a waste of time. Can be watched. (6/10)


Anonymous said...

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moonlitlake said...

Romance was subtle..I have personal reason for loving it.

stu javie said...

hi there..
just discovered your blog..just read a portion of it but kinda liked it already. dont have the whole cake for you that it's delicious--cliche i guess. :).

-gave me an idea what to watch but id appreciate it if you'll recommend some of your faves. :)

btw, like this movie (same as the old comment have my personal reason.

more power.

Golu said...

I am glad that u like my blog. Keep reading for more. If you see on the right, you can filter movies based on my ratings. That way you can know, what are my personal favourite gay movies.

Enjoy and let your friends know

mp said...

Your review gives me enlightenment! ha ha. I knew that there was something wrong with Billy. I did not know 'til I read this.

I really love how you put everything in a nutshell. More power!

Golu said...

Thanks buddy. I appreciate