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Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Reception

This film is a very low budget film mad with just 4 characters and their personal interactions with each other. The movie covers a lot of issues like race, alcoholism, homosexuality, AIDS, hate, pride, and defeat. A lot of people think it was a good movie but either I missed the pint but I didn't find anything extra-ordinary in the movie. Is my taste changing?

Jeannette is an aging divorced French 'writer' who has moved to upstate New York to a beautiful home to drink, lives with an HIV-positive African American painter Martin, a disillusioned gay man who has retreated from the artistic and emotional pains of Paris. The two care for each other. Into this snowy scenery enters Jeannette's daughter Sierra, whom she has not seen in years having left her with her father at the time of an early divorce. She comes with her African American husband Andrew, a law student from a wealthy family. Jeannette demands they stay until the weekend when Jeannette will throw a big reception party for the newly wedded couple. At a dinner party for a 'potential lover' for Jeannette all of the underpinnings of the drama become evident. Nothing is as it seems: every character has secrets. Andrew is actually ay from a poor family who is just pretending. Sierra needs to be married to get her grandmother's money. Jeannette and Martin have their own issues.

I think that the movie's pace was a little too slow for my taste. It is more like a half an hour story which has ben stretched to a full length feature film. But at least the director tried to attempt something refreshing from he story point. Martin acted well. Unfortunately the same can't be said about Jeannette or Andrew. Sierra was ok. I just don't have too much other than that director tried to portray issues like gay love, living with HIV, alcoholism, dysfunctional mother/daughter relationships, deception, greed, lust, desperation.

Strictly ok. Not for my taste. (3/10)

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