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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Parting Glances

Saw this movie few weeks ago and completely forgot to review it here. SO here it goes. Although I have seen the movie a couple of times, it still can be ranked a one of the better movies amongst a whole bunch of crap that is out here.

Michael and Robert are a gay couple living in New York. Robert is about to move t Africa for 2 years for work assignment. This is causing a bit of rift between the couple because Michael doesn't want him to go but he has to deal with the reality. One of their closest friends throws n a surprise party for the couple. Quite a good section of the film is spent in introducing the new characters in the arty and how the couple goes about making new friends. In the process Michael also discovers what is the real reason behind Robert taking up the job. We are also introduced to Nick who is Michael's bestest friend and they used to date years ago. Nick is now living with Aids and Michael takes care of him as and whenever it is possible. It is sometimes to th extent that Michael keeps Nick's priorities and wishes over Robert's wishes. This also starts to become the bone of contention between the couple. Complications arise when it appears that Micheal is still in love with Nick and is questioning his relationship "aka Marriage" with Robert. Also Michael has captured the eyes of a Columbia student who works at a nearby record store who is very persistent. Robert in the meantime is showing signs of jealousy towards Nick because of his closeness with Michael. Of course all's well that ends well. Michale keeps friendship over everything when he charters a special plane to go to fire island because Nick told him that he is going to end his life. Although all he really wanted was to spend time with him. Robert meanwhile is thoroughly confused and decides to not go only to come back and see how Michael is ready to do anything for Nick.

Michael and Robert are both very cute and have acted very well. They have a certain chemistry that as a couple they share. It wasn't very clear why Michael and Nick still had that connection. Agreed that it was because of friendship but giving it precedence over lover was something out of my mind. It also gives a little bit of insight into the whole AIDS epidemic and how people in 80s were dealing with it.

Definitely a nice watch. (6.5/10)

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