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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Metrosexuality (UK)

Metrosexuality is a British television drama, which aired on Channel 4 in 1999. The show, a short run series in six episodes, depicts the interactions of a racially and sexually diverse group of friends and family living in London.

Kwame is seventeen; sexy and unswervingly straight with his hormones raging like a forest fire. He has gay dads who are now divorced. The story revolves around these characters. One of his best friend, a young twink i madly in love with his dad. His other dad now has a new boyfriend but Kwame wants both his dads to get back together. His other friend is a big romantic who is in love with a bear and has proposed to him 4 times overtime to be rejected. Then there is the family counsellor who feels love lost between her and her husband and decides to move in with her girlfriend's rick millionaire father. There are other characters also in the mix who lend supporting roles to each of these creatures. The feature focusses on the days and problems and issues of these people but keeping focus mainly on love, respect, family bonding and of course metrosexuality.

You could sometimes think that the acting is OTT but trust me, t works big time for these characters. They are supposed to b ethis way and yes I enjoyed watching them. The music was god too and somehow fit well into the whole schema of things. SOmetimes in our life we have to find true love ourselves by making mistakes and learning from them.

Its a good timepass and you will enjoy it. (6/10)

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