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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

In My Life (Filipino)

Having watched a couple of Flipino gay movies, I kind of like their style of humour and the stories that they present. Family values are high, comic timings are good and they just generally focus on keeping the viewers entertained. This film also did the same for me. Its not as great as say a 'Manay Po' but this one still has its moments. The film although could be edited to reduce some of the really emotional scenes.

Shirley, a librarian in Philippines is a single mom who is very dominating. One of her daughters already moved to Australia, her son i sin NY and other daughter lives with her. She wants her mom to sell their property so that the daughter can have better life for her kids. This makes Shirley mad and upset and she suddenly decides to go to NY and stay with her son Matt. Matt is gay and lives with his boyfriend Noel who is trying to find a girl to marry him so that his stay in US can become official. Shirley although knows everything but still doesn't like Noel. She wants to control Matt and his life to. Matt is super busy and in all these times Noel gives Shirley company with each and every thing she wants to do but she is never happy. Matt finds out he has some cancer and needs to undergo surgery for that and he doesn't want to tell his mom. When Shirley ultimately finds out, she blames Noel for all that. Time passes and there is a huge gap. Matt wants Shirley to marry Noel for citizenship because apparently she was born in Hawaii but she refuses. When Matt meets with an accident and dies and Shirley still tries to control his funeral process, Noel looses it and completely backlashes Shirley for all she has been doing. This helps Shirley understand and retrospect why she has become this person and why is she doing this. She repents, asks forgiveness to her children and ultimately marries Noel who is now all alone after Matt's death.

There were lot of beautiful things about the movie. Noel and Matt as a couple, Noel's parents and their health issues, how everyone need to survive on their own in NYC, Shirley trying out different jobs in the city and many many other short and sweet moments. Acting wise everyone was good. Although what didn't make sense to me was why would Matt keep asking Noel to accompany her mother in everything she does. Understand he is busy but still, she is his mom.

Sweet and cute movie. (6.5/10)

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