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Saturday, December 12, 2009

Get Your Stuff

Watched this movie second time today. Its a cute premise and interesting story which I remember I thought great things about after first viewing. BUt after watching films like Patrick 1,5; this film takes a few points down but still is one of the entertaining films that you can watch one evening.

Phil and Eric are a gay couple of 6 years who have applied for adoption. While they wait for adoption approval, they are approved for foster parenting in the meantime for 2 grown up kids. After coaxing and a little blackmail, hey agree to keep the 2 boys just for one day. 8 year old TJ is hopeful that if they behave nice, these guys might keep them but elder Brian knows the reality. He wants nothing to do with Phil and Eric until their case worker, Gloria, talks them into working the couple to make themselves more appealing. One day after another leads to a few days like that. Phil who is a counsellor is more accommodating of this change but Eric feels loss of their privacy. Time passes and enter kids mom who is another messed up alcoholic person. Phil wants to help her and Brian who at age 12 might be an alcoholic both but Eric has had enough. He leaves the house and goes. Phil focusses his energies into improving life of the kids and the mom. At some point they realize that maybe because of them Eric left and the kid's mom tells Phil how to win him back. Of course things start getting better and the couple now wants to adopt these kids rather than adopting a baby.

Acting by everyone is good. Chemistry between the couple is good But the fact that Eric just randomly leaves and philanders with some random waiter and lives with him is very odd. The kids act nice but sometimes too much like an adult. I thought case worker Gloria in her short part was good specially when she kind of blackmails the couple to foster parent the boys. The film is mostly feel good and entertaining. Nothing earth shattering about it.

Nice and feel good watch. (6/10)

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