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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Aaron... Albeit a Sex Hero

Oh My God!! This was such a baaaaad film and what is even more surprising are the reviews that you get to read online say on imdb or tla website. This film is unbelievingly bad.

Aaron is a tour guide in Texas and is having a bad day. He wants to quit his job and join another one but his boss wont give a good recommendation. On his last tour, there is a new bus driver and Aaron and him dont start on a good note. Aaron finds him hot but gets the idea that Jesus, the driver is against homosexuals. In the night, he sees some illegal activity going on in the tour bus and dashes for run because now his life is in danger. Most of the rest of the movie is in jungle him trying to save himself. Later Jesus tells him that he is an undercover agent and is trying to nab his tour owner for illegal activities. The two men also get involved in hot steamy sex whenever they can get time because they are so attracted to each other. In the end towards the morning, everything is fine and bad guys are caught.

This story could have been told n half hour but was stretched beyond belief. Acting was good but thats it. A weird name for a film and just unnecessary sex scenes between the two leads. Your life is in danger and all you think is sex, it just doesn't make any sense. All the old ladies in the tour were annoying.

Completely avoidable. I wasted my time. You please don't. (1/10)

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