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Monday, November 23, 2009

Under The Gaydar

This is one of those really stupid movies. Director and Producer are torn between whether to make an issue based film, comic film or just generally have his money put into something because he has nothing better to do with it.

Darren and Ryan have been friends for a while. They have found out a way to get more girls. They pretend to be gay and they have been succeeding in getting more girls this way. Darren takes it so far that he even has his distraught parents believing his sexual identity lie. Mom and dad hire a girl Ashley who has made a business out of "turning gay boys straight." So she goes after Darren, and is surprised at how easy her money seems to be this time. But complications crop up like his pretend gay boyfriend who may not be acting so much, and a whole string of ex-gay clients who have an obsession with the high-priced gay boy turner. In fact it turns out that Ryan has been one of her clients who she turned straight but suddenly now he has feelings for Darren proving once gay is always gay. Ryan tries to prove his point and make him see straight. Its too late but by then both Ashley and Darren have fallen for each other. All's well that ends well.

I'm not sure whether to laugh or be offended by this film. It's not funny, and in the end that makes it offensive and not all that interesting. It is poorly acted, badly edited, and has a story that makes little sense. If it had been handled with smarts, the film could have been dangerous and edgy. But thanks to some major bungling, it is limp and ineffective.

I would not recommend it al all. (2/10)

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