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Monday, November 30, 2009

Der bewegte Mann (German) [Maybe... Maybe Not]

This film was different. It was a different kind of comedy film where emotions also played a strong part. It is also a bot different from the regular gay films that you get to see. So anything that somewhat different and is done good, I appreciate it.

Axel's girlfriend of 3 years Doro catches him redhanded having sex with some random woman. She throws him out of the house. None of Axel's ex-girlfriends help him live with them even thouh he is so good looking. Certain events bring him to a discussion group of men which is also attended by a gay guy Walter who proposes to Alex that he can live with him. In a drunk state Axel thinks that Walter wants him for physical reasons, he decides to stay with Walter's friend Norbert. He is happy because of course Norbert likes him. Norbert is the kind of guy who falls in love with anyone and likes the idea of relationship. He helps Axel with everything but Axel makes clear that he is not gay although he doesn't mind getting naked in front of Norbert getting his hopes up. When Doro finds that she is pregnant and decides to get Axel back. She finds him in her own bed with unsightly Norbert, disturbingly naked, in the middle of a very inept seduction. Despite this awkward reunion, Axel and Doro get married. Axel unceremoniously drops Norbert because his wife is 'allergic to gays'. Axel stays away from Norbert until he misses some friendly moments with him. He is not very sexually active with Doro because of her pregnancy but is very horny. When he meets his ex-college friend, they decide to hook up and Axel asks for Norberts place. When Doro suspects something, the comedy of errors start where Doro suspecting Axel to be gay while reality is different. The ending has a nice feeling and suggests some reconciliation between Norbert and Axel. It's way too little, too late.

The movie was funny mostly and has its moments. Axel was really very hot. Gays can so drool over him. Acting wise also everything was pretty cool. Overall I enjoyed the film because it was funny, realistic, something you could relate to. It doesn't bore you.

Try it, you wont be disappointed. (6.5/10)

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