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Monday, October 12, 2009


The story of this film is actually very simple but I guess that the beauty of this film. Sweet and simple yet very identifiable, believable and enjoyable. I didn't remember much of the film since the last time I saw it except the fact that I liked it. Watching it again helps me to review it on my blog and also see whether I still think the same about the movie or not.

Gabriel is an aspiring musician who wants to write musicals. His best pal is his girlfriend Tori whom he has known for ages, who is annoying, pushing but someone whom you can never move on from. One night Gabriel meets Mark, a journalism student who works as go go boy to earn money and he does have a hot body to prove it. They decide to have a hook up and go back to Gabriel's place but Tori is there getting her printouts done. Gabriel and Mark sit their uncomfortable trying to ignore Tori and doing small talk unconsciously they are getting to know each other better. By the time Tori leaves, Gabriel's room mate walks in with his girlfriend and demands the room to that they can be together. Mark and Gabriel have to go out. They keep looking for a place to go and have some fun. They goto a club hoping to meet Gabriel's friend for his appt key but that plan also fails. The whole night keeps passing along between them trying to make out but in the process getting to know each other as person before they consummate. The night includes some unpleasant events too when a drag queen tries to tell Gabriel that Mark is nothing but hart breaker but ultimately things fall in place.

Like I mentioned the story is simple but the way it has been told is still very refreshing even after years of the release of the film. Acting by Gabriel (extremely cute and boyish with dimples), Tori (superb performance) and Mark (hot body) is all good. They all do their parts very convincingly and act very well and natural. The two main figures are surrounded with a bevy of offbeat, slightly quirky characters who make up Gabe and Mark's worlds in the form of best friends, roommates, former lovers, business associates etc which makes it very believable.

Despite the emphasis on sex and one night stands, Trick is really a delightful romantic comedy which you will enjoy. (7.5/10)

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Anonymous said...

Best song ever! The friend who they go to get the key from when he is singing the Spanish (or is it Latin?) song... SO FUNNY! OMG LOL!