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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Yong jiu ju liu (Hong Kong) [Permanent Residence]

I cant decide whether I liked the movie or not. Actually I did like the movie but its kinda hard to decide to what extent. The movie was very touching and emotional in parts but hen there were scenes which were just unnecessary and thy were just dragging the film specially towards the end.

Ivan has had a tough childhood. He was brought up by his grandmother and they both shared a great bond until is parents decide to move to Hong Kong. The grandmother believed in astrology and as per a prediction Ivan wont live beyond 30. Ivan starts working in a software industry very early in life and is a very hard working guy. On a talk show he makes friends with Josh, a student from Tel Aviv who questions Ivan' sexuality. They become friends 'with benefits' and share great chemistry but Josh keeps reminding Ivan that he is just a friend. Ivan one day meets a guy called Windsor in a gym. They both hit off instantly. But soon Ivan realizes that Windsor is straight, he doesn't know what to do. Even Windsor likes Ivan just not sexually. They decide to continue their friendship against all odds and Ivan would not leave a chance to try and get Windsor to get physical with him. Their chemistry is exactly like a gay couple and they do everything together except having sex. Windsor also has a girlfriend in China. Time passes on. They have fights, they get back together but once their fight gets serious. This is the time when Windsor's mom gets really sick and Ivan takes care of her like a dutiful son and everyone knows that Windsor and Ivan are great friends. Eventually they both go on their paths. Ivan moves to Australia and becomes successful film maker. After years he meets Windsor again and again proposes to him. Windsor says that Ivan is the love of his life but not in a way that Ivan wants him to be. Windsor is very affected by al this and he eventually commits suicide. Ivan realizes that he will have to live and maybe die all alone. In his big mansion, he has coffins in every room which he thinks of as his permanent residence and during very late years of his life (in his 80s), he just lies down and wants to die.

Like I mentioned the movie was very touching in some parts. Very well directed. The relationship between the protagonists was established really well although its very very hard to imagine such a closeness between a straight man and a gay man specially when you are naked with each other so many times. There is lot f nudity in the film which I dont mind because the boys are cute. Acting wise they are nice. Friendship between Ivan and Josh is also shown from a very deep level. The film talks heavily sub consciously a lot about friendship and loneliness at the same time.

By the tim I wrote this piece, I figured out what I thought of the movie in totality. Definitely worth watching once. (6/10)


Leon said...

saw this movie, it a little much of a overhyped

greetings from singapore


Golu said...

Thanks. Your blog seems interesting

robin said...

I find the most touching part was that when Ivan cried while burying his head into Windson's chest and asked, "Can we be together like we used to be? Trust me, u r the man I love the most in my life..."

I cried many times when watching the movie.

My rating: 8.5 / 10

Golu said...

Robin, Glad to know your comments about the film. DO you also watch a lot of gay cinema?

Olivier GERARD said...

I thought the film magnificent, evoking the relationship between Ivan and Windsor in a way one is not used to find in "so called gay" films, very sincere, very human and very tender. I loved it, though it is sometimes too "arborescent", I mean, getting out of the main theme.