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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Lokas (Spanish/Mexico and Chile)

I usually like these kind of films; a mix between comic, interest, a bit of romance and here and there awkward situations. This mix pretty much makes a viewable experience for me. This movie has most of it but some kind of zing was missing. Something that will hold on to your mind even after the movie is finished.

Charly lives with his 9-10 year old son Pedro alone after his wife passed away. After a series of run-ins with the law when he has to spend few nights in jail, he is packed from Mexico city by his mother to go and live with his father whom he hasn't seen in last 38 years. Both Charly and Pedro dont know what to expect. When they reach, they meet papa Mario who is now out and openly faming gay and has a living partner Flavio who is more Charly's age. Viewers by now know that CHarly is homophobic but Pedro is cool with everything. Charly tries to explain him that they are just friends and working on a play together but Pedro knows that they are gay and are a couple and he likes that fact. Because of his past, no one will give Charly a job until Flavio arranges for a job for him in a gay bar with the condition that he has to act gay. Charly has no choice but to agree. Charly struggles through gay attention in the bar and at the same time gets hots for the manager Liliana working in the bar who thinks of him as a god friend. They even have sex one night when they are drunk and want to experiment. Not giving into the owner's advances, Charly's secret is soon out and he then decides to leave his father's house because he is still homophobic. Pedro is sad and he ends up jumping in the river. Charly and Mario save him and hence their bond increases. The film then ends with Charly being very friendly with Flavio, Mario like a family. Liliana coms back and asks for forgiveness and Pedro introduces everyone to his girlfriend.

The ending of the film seemed pretty rushed to me. But the fun part was they showed how gays are treated and looked upon as in Mexico. The other thing was showing typical flaming characteristics of gays. In other areas, chemistry between Mario and Flavio was fun with constant love-hate relationship. Pedro was very funny too specially when he actually understands what's going on but Charly tries to bluff him with random stories. Acting by everyone was on spot and professional. A proper and more thought of ending would have taken the film to a higher level. (Trivia: Lokas is the bar where Charly works)

Definitely worth a watch. You wont be bored for sure. (6.5/10)

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