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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Available Men (Short Films collection)

Another in series of short films, the title of this dvd is based on the first short story itself.

"Available Men" - A desperate Hollywood agent named Rob goes to an L.A. hotel to meet Stephen, a young writer with a hot new screenplay. Meanwhile, a mild mannered artist named Steve goes to the same hotel to meet a shy young accountant named Rob on a blind date. Mistaken identities and what follows.

"Straight Boys" - Ben thinks he’s found true love in his straight college roommate Morgan who also loves him but is straight. Being honest with Morgan may be Ben’s straightest path to happiness, regardless of the outcome. My favourite among all

"Hello, Thanks" - Andy is having quite a year in the personal ads. Its an amusing and bittersweet look at the fine art of writing personal ads to summarize yourself and attract others.

"Tumbleweed Town" - In this animated cowboy tale, Todd hitchhikes through the Texas desert seeking true love.

"Irene Williams: Queen of Lincoln Road" - This is an entertaining portait of a extraordinary Miami Beach old lady with unique fashion style and flare and her friendship with a gay man.

"Sissy French Fry" - The annual student body president election at the wildly eclectic and diverse West Beach High School pits the quirky, much-beloved incumbent Sissy Frenchfry against a handsome, charismatic and socially intolerant transfer student with a devious plan to restore the status quo.

"The Underminer" - The lead actor plays both roles in the short film about those masters of passive-aggression who spin their friends into self-doubt and panic with every encounter.

Except for the first two stories, rest two were total time pass and no good at all. But then the first and second were really really good from acting, direction and story concept. Watch those two and avoid others. (4.5/10)

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