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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

And, There You Are

This one was just an ordinary movie. What was new and interesting for me the whole southern accent which kept me going through the movie. After a while, the stories got repetitive. The end was very much expected.

Ray is a successful businessman who is rich and runs a furniture business. He has always been attracted only to straight men and thats the reason he visits his shrink often to just go through his tribulations. The movie essentially walks us through some of the straight men he has ben with and how and why they left him. First is a drunk straight men who when he realizes what he did in the night just leaves. Second , another guy whom he makes work at his store but who ultimately uses him just for money and luxury an dhis always busy with his girlfriend. Ray soon comes to senses and asks him to leave. Next is another hottie whom he meets outside a store and they are going good until during one filming commercial, they reveal their sexual status and it infuriates him and leaves. Next Ray meets a waiter named Brian. Brian loves what Ray does to him but also loves his girlfriend. After a series of going back and forth between Ray and girlfriend, ray had enough of Brian and he doesn't want to have anything to do with him. ALthough you now that Brian cares for Ray just because he excites him sexually. Finally Ray meets another waiter who eventually turns out to be the man he was looking for.

This quirky slice of life comedy, based on actual events, is packed with great characters, sexy men and even a few girls. There's always another man around the next corner, and Ray turns lots of corners. Acting was pretty lame and you can tell they were not seasoned actors or maybe not a seasoned director. And honestly men were not even that good looking. What I failed to understand is the point of lusting for straight men and then getting frustrated if they go to girls. Hello!! thy are straight and men goto girls.

A time pass movie. Could be avoided. (3/10)

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