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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Venkovský ucitel (Czech) [The Country Teacher]

There was something raw, real,fascinating, natural about this movie that I loved. It was not filmy or made up any away. It was very real, the actors were real, story was real, it was different but nice different. With a completely original story line and direction, this movie is worth a watch.

Peter, a gay schoolteacher from from an elite school in capital to tach in the country because he felt dominated by his mother in school. Later we find out that he also broke up with his boyfriend whom he actually never loved. So basically he is trying to run from everything and everyone. Peter who is always depressed soon meets Marie, a farm working widow who has had her troubles in life and her teenage son Lada who is young and beautiful but lives in guilty complex because he thinks he is not smart. He has a girlfriend who comes to visit him every weekend from the city. Together Marie and Lada run a dairy farm. Everyone is frank and open and there is nothing hidden. Marie once shows some interest in Peter but is quickly brushed off. Peter starts getting crush on pretty Lada. He starts teaching him to help him grow hi confidence but one such night he cant control himself and ends up physically playing with the boy. This has a huge very negative affect on the boy's mind. Realizing his mistake soon Peter goes to their house to ask for forgiveness but Lada doesn't want to listen. Since Marie forgive Peter, Lada can't take anymore and runs away from home. His girlfriend refuses to take him in and hence he just wanders around in the city. By now Peter is filled with guilt and the only way out is he dedicates himself to Marie in helping with her farm. He comes back one day but wants to return seeing that Peter is still there but Marie makes him realize that it is important to forgive and let the teacher repent for all mistakes he has done. After few thoughts and situations, Lada gives in. True to the statement "Everybody needs somebody".

There were so many small nuisances in the movie that make it stand out. The interaction between Peter with his parents specially with his father. You gasp in disbelief when Peter comes on to the teenage boy but after all he is human too. Peter plays his part of beaten depressed teacher and later a man filled with guilt very well. Lada as the teenage boy was good too and so was Marie. It looked as if she had been working on the farm for forever. It was so real. Talking about real, the fact that the movie actually showed a calf birth full on was unbelievable.

You have to watch this movie. Different story and marvellous direction. (7/10)

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