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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Searching 4 Sandip

Zero expectations from the film led me to completely like this film that I saw in the recently concluded film festival in NYC. Made in a documentary style, this film was unexpectedly funny with real love and emotions.

The film starts with Australian girl Poppy looking for love after her break up. She turns to internet like most other people and find an Indian girl named Sandip. Incidentally Sandip lives with her Sikh parents and her younger sisters in UK and is not out to anyone. The film then explores their journey (which is true) right from their first meeting in Malaysia where they had decided to take a trip together. After their first holiday, Poppy is not content with anymore long distance stuff and decides to move to Uk hoping that Sandip would be there to help her out. Things are not so smooth as expected. By the time Sandip comes out to her family, she is forced to choose between family and Poppy. She choses Poppy, moves out of her house and they start living together. As expected things slowly come around and everything's well that ends well.

The most emotional core of the movie works because of Sandip's relations with her family. It breaks your heart to see that she has to make a choice. As the two main characters fight for their relationship, it seems ever more remarkable that they found each other online, in the absence of real physical contact. In fact, as the film progresses, the couple’s unconventional meeting fades into the background; they have proven (at least to each other) that such encounters can bear the weight of a fruitful relationship.

I lved it for its simplicity and for it was so natural. (6.5/10)

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