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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A River Made To Drown In

This is one of those films for which after watching I can't decide whether I liked the film or not. There were parts of it that were really interesting (longing for love in your last days) and then parts that were really boring (the theatricality by the lead actor) that overall it leaves just an average impression. Plus with the setting of the film, it is more suited for maybe a play rather than a film.

Allen is a struggling artist who is having an affair with Eva, a wealthy woman who owns a gallery store. He is soon given a surprise visit by Thaddeus, and old man. Not instantly but later you find out that Allen was one of Thaddeus' lover from the days when Allen used to hustle on the road. Thaddeus confines to Allen that he is dying of Aids and wants to spend few days with him. He asks Allen to find Jamie, another hustler on the road whom he loved and whom he thinks he could have passed on the disease to. After initial apprehensions, he agrees and finds Jamie but he refuses to visit Thaddeus. Meanwhile Eva finds out truth about Allen's past which brings a strain in their relationship. In pursuit of finding himself, Jamie and happiness, Allen starts working back on the streets not for money but for love which is now missing since Eva ha left but which h still longs for. Thaddeus tells Allen that he has split all his property between him and Jamie and he really needs to see Jamie. Finally Jamie gives in but he knows that Thaddeus is broke and he has no money to offer. Thaddeus dies and the movie ends with Allen finding inspiration in Jamie for his art.

Let talk about performances: Thaddeus was over the top but maybe thats what his character is required to do. His makeup was perfect. One look and you could tell he is gay. Rest everyone was ok. Allen was not that handsome that everyone will want him. His personality was confused in the film but that actually suited him. The photography of the film was dark most of the times, not liked by viewers by suited for the story.

And while writing this piece, I decided whether I liked it or not. (4/10)

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