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Thursday, September 17, 2009

Eating Out

I know I reviewed the sequel first but I had to watch this one again before I could review it. I clearly remember it was my first few gay films that I started watching it and I really liked it but since then (4 years) I have seen so many more better films and crap films as well, for this one I dont know for sure what I thought of it the second time I saw.

After being dumped by girlfriend Tiffany, caleb is sad and mentions to his gay roommate Kyle that is he was gay he could score with women. We are then in a party where fag hag Gwen dumps another guy who tells her he us gay. Her room mate is hot Mark whom Kyle always has an eye on. Caleb likes Gwen, so Kyle says Caleb is gay and Gwen is immediately in him and introduces him to Mark. Kyle figures that Caleb can use Marc to get to Gwen, while Kyle uses Caleb to get to Marc. Also, Tiffani lives next door to Gwen and Marc so seeing Caleb date Marc would make her crazy. After their first date when Caleb and Mark come back home. Caleb is freaked out but Gwen calls them and she seduces him verbally on phone. Mark takes advantage of the situation and gives him a blow job while he is on phone with Gwen. Kyle is very furious when he finds out about this. Meanwhile at some point Caleb also ends up having sex with Gwen. This is followed by a very awkward dinner with Caleb's parents where after initial confusions, things become clear. Gwen goes to Caleb and Mark realizes that its not just physical beauty but nice little things that matter and he gets interested in Kyle.

Interesting story but acting is sooooo over the top, you can't even start mentioning it. Caleb was very underplayed. Gwen was plain stupid and irritating, Mark was so full of himself and Kyle was a typical fag. Tiffany's character of kinky girlfriend was interesting. I gues syou would like the film was frankness, male nudity (full frontal) if you haven't seen many gay films.

If you regularly watch gay films, you might not like it very much and think its stupid. (4/10)

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Anonymous said...

Yes this film a lot of people might think is stupid. For me when you look at all the crap out there for us gays to watch I will pick this any day over some love story where two guys get together only to be found out and chased by the angry mobs of people that live in the town. I am sure there are better films out there me and you both agree on that look at Big Eden. But still as comdey goes this was funny I think everyone being way over the top was part of the plot! I dont know that I would own any of the Eating Out series but I would tell people to watch them for a good laugh! I still laugh every time I think about the girl telling them "Bye...." long pause "Sexual" that was priceless!