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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Cachorro (Spanish/French) [Bear Cub]

I have to say it right away because I can't wait for the end of the post. I loved this movie even though it was my second time. Having a teenage nephew myself and how much I love him, I mostly empathized in the movie with the relationship that uncle and the nephew shared with one another. This is one of those feel good, entertaining but message driven film at the same time which leave you with no complains.

Pedro, a gay bear has avery active social and sexual life which includes parting, drugs, sex etc. One day he finds himself taking care of his 9 year old nephew Bernardo because his sister (a totally mentally fucked up and unstable woman) wants to go for a trip to India with her boyfriend. Initially both the people are reluctant of each other but soon grow into each other's company. Pedro tries to straighten his life a little bit but Bernardo understand everything. He is ok with his uncle being gay. You hart goes out for the kid when he prepares meals for his uncle because his mom asked him to take care of his uncle during his short stay. Soon the sister is put in jail for drugs in India and it seems like it will be more like a long term arrangement between Pedro and Bernardo. Enter Bernardo's grandmother who never had an opportunity to visit him because his mother wouldn't want him to. By now Bernardo doesn't like her at all. Pedro has constructed a new room for him in his house and they both are living very happy. It includes They hanging out with Pedro's friends and everything. The grandmother then decides to take leal action when Bernardo and Pedro dont want him to spend time with her. She digs out Pedro's history where we find out he is positive. They make n arrangement wherein Bernardo is sent to boarding school. Life goes on. Pedro gets sick, is in hospital, grandmother tells Bernardo the truth but he already knew it and blames his grandmother for Pedro's sickness and wishes she was dead. Things dont change too much. Uncle and nephew keep in touch through letters. Eventually few years later, grandmother dies and Pdro and Bernardo and reunited.

Oh my god!! there were so many emotional moments for me in the film. The kid making meal, his crying when he has to leave Pedro, his outburst at his grandma when she tells Pedro is sick really made me cry. On the other hand scenes where Bernardo would hang out with Pedro's friends and you see all these Spanish bear gay man being nice to kid but at the same time leading their own life made me fel lad that maybe someday there is hope for al of us gays out there to live a normal life. The kid was great when it came to acting and so was Pedro. The film doesn't show bears as any different from your regular muscular beefy queens.

I love it and if you like my kind of film, you will love it too. (7.5/10)

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