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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

10 Attitudes

Sometimes I wish I had completely forgotten what films I have seen but not reviewed because that would save me the pain of having to watch a trash movie 2 times. A horrible acting job by the lead character who all h does is complaining and whining, this can be in my list of top 10 unbearable movies.

Josh is a thirties-something gay caterer in a long-term relationship of 10 years when he realizes that his boyfriend has been cheating on him. Devastated and disillusioned, Josh wants to leave West Hollywood and return to Cleveland, but his closest friend Brandon (supports him by promising to arrange ten dates within a weeks' time. Brandon bets Jason will find a new love and remain in West Hollywood. If no new love is found, Jason will return home. Josh begins his arranged dating with 10 of some of the most diverse types everyone who has played the dating game has encountered. None of the 10 "attitudes" works out and Jason is about to depart for Cleveland when things change. He mets a old school buddy who comes out to him saying he is gay. Incidentally this same guy had bullied Josh a lot in school and made his life miserable. He apologizes for what he had been doing and they then have an instant connection and they take the same train ride together to Cleveland.

I have seen low budget movies but some of them have been good but this was outrightly bad and atrocious from production to direction to acting to stereotypes. Gosh!! Where do I stop. Not to mention all the loop holes in the plot.Do yourself a favour and save your money. (except for a few eye candy and thats why the rating)

Completely avoidable. (1.5/10)

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