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Friday, August 14, 2009

Tenue de soirée (French) [Ménage/Evening Dress]

What d you write about a film, which you enjoyed, but you are still not sure of what exactly happened and you have to consult internet for that. Is it god or bad? I can't decide. I liked the film but after reading a little bit online about it , it seems hat lo of people have their own interpretations of the film.

Bob, a burglar mets a fighting couple Monique and Antoine at a bar where Monique is fighting with Antoine for not giving her a good decent life. Bob has instant liking for Antoine and makes friends with the couple. They start burglary in various rich houses. The couple realizes that Bob fancies Antoine which freaks him out. But by then Monique is so used to money that she doesn't mind her husband to sleep with another man. Ultimately under constant pressure and for Monique, Antoine gives in and sleeps with Bob. Slowly his feelings start getting stronger for Bob and less towards Monique but he still cares for her. The movie is then suddenly is in what I think Phase 2 where Bob and Antoine are living like a couple and Monique is the care taker. Bob abuses her and makes her do al the hard work. Monique still is not ready to leave them both because she is nothing alone. Bob hatches out a plan by which a guy seduces Monique and she decides to leave because she is totally fed up. Bob now has Antoine all by himself. But things change. Their relationship changes. Antoine is now the typical house wife and Bob is out all the time. Antoine accuses him of cheating. One day Bob gets a dress for Antoine to take him out. Antoine is more than happy to go dressed as a woman for Bob. Bob there keeps flirting with other men and Antoine sees Monique prostituting. The 3 of them have their fights. Movie suddenly enters Phase 3 where all 3 people are now dressed as women and are prostituting themselves to pay the bills and thats when the movie ends.

As you can see the movie's end is totally random. When they were so great at burglary, why did they end up prostituting themselves? The transitions between the phases was so random without any explanations provided. Acting by Bob was good. But how could Antoine change form a complete homophobic to a drag. Agreed the movie was fun and had comic timings but a lot of questions were unanswered and thats my only issue with the film.

Watch it and let me know if you get what I failed to understand. (5.5/10)

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