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Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Diverso da chi? (Italian) [Different from whom?]

Now this was a truly different gay film. It was funny, it had message, it was wonderful, well acted, nothing stereotypical. In short I loved it. Mainly because it was very different.

After a series of unexpected events, politician Piere is running for Mayor elections. He has lived with his boyfriend Remo for 14 years and is very open about it. Since he is gay, the party wants someone more family focussed to run with him for deputy position. They select Adele for this. She hates Piere because she thinks she should have gotten the opportunity to run for Mayor. They make a team but are constantly fighting. Thats when Remo comes up with a suggestion to Piere that rather than fighting, he should get to know her. So they hang out and get to know each other a little better. They hit off well and their popularity ratings increase in the city. Meanwhile, Remo and Adele become very close friends. Adele is divorced and has very little chance of having kids. Piere and Remo both love kids. One evening while Adele and Piere are working, they have a couple of drinks and they end up in bed. Piere is very confused now. He knows he is gay but there is something about Adele that is very attractive to him. He can't figure that out. He starts falling in love for her but still loves Remo. When he tells him everything, Remo leaves him. Meanwhile both Adele and Piere can't concentrate on work. Piere says that he can't go on with Adele and thats when she drops the bomb that she is pregnant. Now Piere is all the more confused. She wants to keep baby and can have Piere anything to do with it only if he marries her. But Piere cant leave Remo. When Remo finds out about the baby, he tries a lot to convince Adele to let them share father's responsibility between them both. A few hilarious incidents later, the three of them take care of the baby. They loose the elections but win it the next time.

Piere is very handsome. The way he acts when he cant figure out whey he is falling for Adele is acted very well. The chemistry between Remo and Piere is also very true. The entire story moves on a light note and most of the scenes have comic undertones without trying to attempt too hard to be funny. Thats the best part of this film.

Watch it for sure. (7/10)

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