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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Sometimes, films are made for genuine interest and for creative satisfaction but do the viewers like it. Depends on many things. Made on low budget, this film aims to deliver a statement about the dangers of drug abuse and how to conquer it.

David, a 16 year old boy is trying to hold together his fragile family of adulterous father, an alcoholic self-destructive mother, and brother and sister. The father leaves the family for another woman, mother is hospitalized for rehab after an injurious fall, the other siblings are fed up of all this and dont want to deal with any of this shit. Looking for escape David joins acting classes where his teacher is Kenny, who has acted in a few films. He goes there with his close friend and confidant. Kenny encourages David's young ability ultimately starts falling for David's charm and boyishness. Out of need for order in his life David opens up his sexuality and becomes bonded with Kenny. Kenny's hidden drug addiction is uncovered by David and David begins to use the coke and his downfall begins. It is a love/hate relationship, David becoming the movie star Kenny's drug habit prevented. And eventually David attempts to return to his family and girlfriend only to meet with disaster until in the final moments of the film we find David in a 12-step program. The ending summarizes how each of the characters' lives stand at the present via screen statements before the credits.

The film is supposed to be the director's true story. It is a poignant tale but the problem is that a similar story has been told so many times that there is nothing novel about it. Acting wise, everyone is strictly OK. David definitely does not look like a 16 year old. The camera work is also very inconsistent in the film. David and Kenny have no chemistry and the film after a point just starts running.

I would not watch it again. (3/10)

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