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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Comme des voleurs (French-Polish) [Stealth]

An interesting film set in Switzerland. It will be wrong to categorize this film under gay category or maybe it wont be. The lead protagonist is gay and has a boyfriend but the film for a change is not about him being gay or anything but about trying to discover what his roots are.

Lionel lives with his boyfriend Serge. One day he finds out that his grandfather came from Poland. Suddenly he starts liking everything Polish. To the extent that he meets a Polish illegal immigrant Ewa. He breaks up with his boyfriend and decides to marry Ewa so she won't be deported from Switzerland. Lionel's sister Lucie is more practical. She wants everyone to see and realize that Lionel is gay and he needs to get out this dream of being fascinated with Poland but his parents are more than happy to see him getting married and all. in a spur of moment on day she drives her brother to Poland and thats when their adventure begins. They have various encounters on the way including getting getting beaten up, meeting a young charming Polish guy and getting robbed of everything that they have. Ultimately they find the rots of their grandfather in Poland and they complete the family chart. Lionel comes out of his fantasy world and goes back to Switzerland. Lucie decided to stay back in Poland and figure out what she wants to do with her life.

The film seemed like on of those independent films made realistically on a low budget. The acting was ok but there were some weird scenes like just because Lionel is obsessed with everything Polish , he decides to sleep with a girl and breakup with his long term boyfriend. The story basically is that f the brother and sister and the bond that they share.

Its an ok watch. Nothing too great about it. (4/10)

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