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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Amores Possíveis (Portugese) [Possible Loves]

Films with 'what if' scenarios are always interesting. This film takes a step further in which they show three possibilities in a man's life based on one incident in his life. Each of the 3 possibilities are triggered by one incident. Is one of the story his true identity and others his wannbe scenarios, its left for the viewers to decide.

Carlos went for cinema 15 years ago to meet his girlfriend Julia but she never showed up. This incident is the main trigger point and hence the movie goes parallel in 3 different tracks. In the first version, Carlos is married to Maria but they dont have a successful married life. Its loveless. He meets Julia and they start an affair. The second version has Carlos divorced to Julia and has a son. He now lives with his gay partner Pedro, his soccer buddy whom he now loves. Third version has a carefree Carlos, never married living with his possessive mother hoping to find his perfect love and bang he meets Julia. The 3 stories keep moving parallel in the sense that the characters go through the emotions of love, passion, compassion, confusion, guilt and realization of the true love around the same time. Carlos is confused whether he wants Maria or Julie, He is confused whethr he really loves Pedro and still has some infatuation with Julia in the second and in he third he is just not sure whether Julia is the right girl because his mother doesn't approve of her. And then finally in each story, Carlos returns to his real love: Maria, Pedro and Julia respectively.

Its a very interesting premise. I can see audience getting a little confused initially but the cast, characters and their acting is so good that you immediately realize which story you are witnessing. Carlos is very handsome and it i so funny to see that just the way he dresses up, can make him look straight or gay in the film. Julia acts very well too. Pedro acts as Carlos's conscience in all the versions who guides and helps him to choose between right and wrong.

It was my second viewing of this film. You will like it too. (6.5/10)

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